Our Focus And Mission

With Michael T. Carr, Esq., PLLC, you will find an attorney who provides personalized and detailed attention to every case while placing a priority on finding a quick resolution to your legal matter.

Especially in the high-stakes and competitive field of New York City, Brooklyn and Queens real estate, the quicker the resolution, the better for your bottom line. Efficient and confident legal representation can go a long way toward resolving the legal aspects of your transaction or dispute favorably and within a reasonable time.

A Tough Negotiator Providing Innovative Solutions

Managing holdover and nonpaying tenants requires creativity. No two cases will resolve in exactly the same way.

That is why we provide personalized representation for every one of our clients. With us, you will not deal with numerous paralegals or be shuffled off to other attorneys. Skilled landlord-tenant lawyer Michael T. Carr will be directly responsible for your case, handling the details from start to finish.

Importantly, we are not afraid of trial. While most disputes and evictions can be resolved out of court, we have the knowledge and experience to take a case to court if necessary. Not only can you feel secure knowing your lawyer can handle your case no matter what direction it takes, a willingness to go to trial can ultimately speed negotiations and settlement.

Diligent, Responsive Representation

We provide representation and legal advice for both landlords and tenants, for rent stabilized and unregulated housing. We help property managers, landlords and brokers with real estate transactions and lease agreements.

Whatever your legal matter, we have the knowledge and skill to protect your financial and legal interests. We will keep you informed of the status of your case, and you will work directly with attorney Michael T. Carr.

Our office practices both landlord-tenant law and real estate transactions in Brooklyn and Queens.

Contact us at 718-395-3945 and 516-246-5997  or schedule your free consultation online.

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